Plant, Reap, Listen

An illustration I worked on the past two days for a very special thing my dad and I partnered years ago to do. That is to bring hope and love to the hopeless and unloved. Can't believe 6+ years later we still get to do this and I get to make fun little illustrations for it!

I decided to show the process of this piece because I never do and I thought it could be helpful to some or just really for my own satisfaction. I've been learning a ton from my sweet husband who loves to make stuff all the time and showers me with ideas and tons of insightful stories about all things design. And something I noticed is that when he starts a new project he sketches it all out on his notebook and later digitizes it. I usually start "making" on my Illustrator/After Effects whatever I'm trying to achieve. Which I later noticed takes A LOT longer to finish because I never knock out the final composition. So I'm constantly "making" and re-thinking my decisions constantly. So here it is! (Also, my sketches are never as flawless as his, so bear with me...)  

I hope you didn't get bored out of your mind reading this! :) 

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Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 12.35.32 PM.png

Seventy Three Days

This past weekend I found out I'm going to see my fiancĂ© in a few days! I worked on this animation last week with a not so happy heart counting 73 days until the day I would see him in August. But I found out on Saturday I will be able to see him Friday. So here's to our soon wedding, and our even sooner "seeing each other after 3 months" day! Yay! Our parents are the best. 



I recently went to a friend's house and they had a teepee in the backyard for their kids to play at. And I secretly kind of obsessed about it and made a little animation just for kicks. Definitely getting one someday... 

And yes, this is part of the illustrations from the post below!